Running Clinic

Running Clinic

The Whitewater Clinic are pleased to now be offering The Running Clinic for all runners from complete novices to the experienced. The service is provided by highly qualified physiotherapists with a wealth of experience in sports injuries and in particular running injuries.

The Running Clinic aims to identify which component of your running style could be modified to improve your movement efficiency. This information is combined with that gathered from a physiotherapy assessment of your biomechanics and any previous injury, to provide you with a tailor made programme of exercises and specific training drills. You might be looking to improve your speed, endurance or comfort or you may be struggling with recent or recurrent injury. Whatever your goal, The Running Clinic can be adapted to suit your needs and ambitions.

The Running Clinic cost is £80 and includes two one to one sessions with a physiotherapist. We would ask that you try to take some video footage of you running your normal route and email this to the clinic prior to your first appointment. If this is difficult, please do not worry.

Session 1

This includes a thorough subjective assessment, in which we would identify the goals that you are working towards and identify any issues you may have when running such as areas of pain or tension. We would complete a biomechanical assessment including movement patterning, joint range of movement and muscle length and strength to identify which exercises would help you to address any problems you might have and achieve your goals.

Using a treadmill we would assess your running style and take some video footage for analysis which could be used to compare before and after.

By the end of your first session you will be provided with running drills and exercises specific to you.

Session 2

This includes reassessment of your running style with video footage. We would also reassess your movements to monitor change in your muscle function and quality of movement. We would use this time to review your exercises and progress your programme as is appropriate for you.

In this session we would discuss which option for ongoing management is best for you, which could be continued self-directed exercise, further running drills addressing different components of your running gait or further physiotherapy treatment (manual therapy, electrotherapy, soft tissue release).

Once the two sessions are complete, if you feel you would like to have further physiotherapy treatment or running specific rehabilitation, these sessions could be booked one at a time, at the normal physiotherapy follow up session price of £40.

£80 – Two Sessions – 90/30 min


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