We run several classes from The Whitewater Clinic that are located in Bampton and the surrounding villages. If you have any queries about a class, please call the clinic to find out more. We are always happy to discuss whether a class is suitable for you or not.

Yoga Classes

£7 per class or £36 for a block of 6 classes

Stoodleigh Parish Hall

6.15pm Wednesday – Gentle/Beginner Class

7.30pm Wednesday – Intermediate Class

Claire has been a physiotherapist, specialising in sports injuries for seventeen years. She owns her own private physiotherapy clinic in Devon treating patients with a wide variety of acute and chronic conditions. Throughout her adult life, Claire has attended many different forms of yoga classes around the world, experiencing the differing effects they have on your mind and body. Five years ago, Claire was introduced to Heinz Grills approach to yoga and it has significantly deepened her understanding of the human body, our movement and the relationship between our thoughts, our feelings and our actions or behaviours. This new understanding has transformed her clinical practice as a physiotherapist and awoken a new passion in her life. Claire strongly believes that this approach to yoga could be hugely beneficial for everyone in today’s world, no matter what their physical capability might be, as it is not limited to a few physical exercises. Instead, by performing the asana with concentration and consciousness, clear thinking, feeling and determined action, an individual can develop their power of guidance over life and gain an enriched sense of self. Therefore, alongside her work as a physiotherapist, Claire is now teaching yoga in small group classes, to individuals and also on retreats in Devon, in the hope that many others will experience the benefits that this approach to yoga has to offer.

Strength & Balance

£6 per class

Bampton Community Hall

10am Monday and Friday


We run two Strength and Balance Classes a week in. They are led by physiotherapist, Claire Weeks who has many years of experience helping people improve their confidence in movement. All the exercises in the class are gentle, but progressive and are chair based or in standing, so there in no need to get on or off the floor. The aim of the class is to help you to be more aware of what is happening in your body – where is it strong and active, where is it calm and relaxed? By working on flexibility of the feet and strength and stability around the pelvis, we can develop much finer control of our balance. We teach you how to feel these components of our movement and how to activate some muscles and relax others, giving you the control to develop your confidence at home as well as in the class. Come along in your day to day trousers and jumpers and be greeted with a smile! No mats or specific clothing for exercise required.

Special Offers

Book 6

Yoga Sessions

for £36

Stoodleigh Parish Hall

6.15pm Gentle/Beginner Class
7.30pm Intermediate Class


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