Help restore movement and normal body function

Physiotherapists are health care specialists trained to help improve your movement and function, overall health and wellbeing. Physiotherapy treatment plays a vital role in pain relief, healing and rehabilitation in a variety of medical and surgical conditions.

The physiotherapists at The Whitewater clinic are state registered and qualified to treat a wide range of injuries and pathologies including musculoskeletal injuries.

Treatment cannot begin without a thorough assessment. We pride ourselves on establishing an accurate diagnosis leading to effective treatment. Specific movement patterns are analysed during your assessment. This provides the crucial information needed to establish the cause for your pain or injury. We will teach you a programme of exercises to maintain your improved movement and help prevent injury recurrence. A brief summary of the treatments offered, depending on your needs, include:

  • Hands on joint mobilisation techniques

  • Electrotherapy

  • Acupuncture

  • Soft tissue releases/massage

  • Exercises including stretches and strength work and specific movement drills

We have strong working relationships with specialists should further investigations be required.

£40 – Initial Assessment – 45-60 min

£40 – Follow-Up Appointment – 30 min


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